Thees Peereboom

Adviser in Amsterdam, Netherlands

A long history in dealmaking, joint-ventures and second opinions in media & tech.

Thees Peereboom does deals and provides advice and second opinions on the edge of media and technology, both as a Board- and as M & A adviser, to CEO's and owners of advertising, media and tech organisations, in the Netherlands and in Europe.

After a career of varied management positions in the advertising/media and tech industry, he started his independent practice as an adviser in 1991.

He operates as an M&A adviser, advising on both buying and selling processes - almost exclusively in his own field of work which is at the edge of media and technology.

His role as a match- and deal-maker is facilitated by his experience of over 30 years working and building extensive domestic and international networks in the media, technology and PE sector.

He has advised on many, many M&A deals (both on buy- as sell-side) such as magazines, software companies, MSP's, tech startup's, advertising- and media agencies, publishers and a TV station.

He aims for the ‘best deal’ for his client which is at times not the same as the ‘highest (promised/suggested) price’ when operating on the sell-side.

In addition, Peereboom has developed a Second Opinion product based on his own extensive and diverse experiences. In these cases, his clients have received proposals on which they would like to have an independent view from someone who has sufficient relevant experience but who is (and remains) at a distance.

It goes without saying that this type of role is only possible when there is a deep trust and Peereboom has been a trusted adviser for many of his clients for several years.

  • He offers his advisory services on a project basis preferably at a fixed or success fee, the latter based on 'No Cure No Pay'.
  • For startups and young companies Thees Peereboom offers a free (as in beer) year of advice especially at converting the company from a concept or idea to a running enterprise. Admission requires 3 prerequisites; 1/ you have to be nice person(s), 2/ Thees has to understand the problem you're solving and 3/ The expertise you need Thees for has to be vacant.

Thees Peereboom does not publish a client list but is always available for coffee and a chat about ‘what is and what could be’.

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